Flyer Items

Prices are in effect from Thursday, August 15th through to closing on Wednesday, August 21st, 2019.

Certified Angus Whole New York Striploins - cut, trimmed and individually vacuum sealed to your specifications at no additional cost. $12.99/LB, $28.64/KG

2 varieties Certified Angus Beef Kabobs - Alabama Angus Sirloin Kabobs - Top Sirloin in a Southern marinade known for its spicy, smokey grilled flavours, accompanied with zucchini, red peppers and cherry tomatoes. Sirloin Teriyaki Kabobs - simple but delicious. Our Certified Angus Top; Sirloin marinated in a teriyaki sauce. Save $4.00/LB. On sale for $9.99/LB, $22.02/KG

All Beef Hot Dogs - our most popular store made hot dog - the Certified Angus All Beef Natural Hot Dog. These are like no others in the market place. They have a natural German flavour with real beef. No other additives. At 20% off, it’s a great time to give them a try. Save 20%.

Five Bean Chili - Our Five Bean Chili packs in all the classic flavours. It’s loaded with Certified Angus beef, fresh Ontario pork and a medley of beans that gives you a rich, meaty flavour. Dinner made easy. Just heat and serve. Save $4.00. On sale for $9.99 each, 1 Litre jar.

Egg Salad - This salad is packed full of flavour using our Chef’s special recipe. All the ingredients are FRESH including the farm grown eggs. Great on its own or in between two slices of your favourite bread. On sale 20% off.

Pure Pork Honey Garlic Sausage - A traditional Italian recipe that has been around in our family for generations. Our honey garlic sausage is made using pure pork from local, family run, Ontario farmers. We add the secret herbs & spices and voila, a flavourful sausage. Available in our freezer section. On sale 50% off..