Rewards Program

Terms & Conditions

Membership Enrollment
1. To participate in the program, a customer must become a member. There is no enrollment fee and there is no purchase required in order to become a member.
2. Program packages will be available in store. Each package contains a Bruno's Signature Rewards card and one key fob.
3. To participate in the program, a customer must pick up the program package and complete a Bruno's Signature enrollment form, either in store or on the Bruno's Signature web site. Your membership number found on the back of your card, will be linked to the participants name and enrollment information.
4. Any unauthorized reproduction or duplication of the Bruno's Signature Rewards card is fraudulent and may lead to legal action and forfeiture of all points and membership in the program.
5. Members are responsible for informing Bruno's Signature of any relevant changes to personal information including name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number or any other pertinent information. To update your information on file, call (905) 509-3223 or email
6. Use of the Bruno's Signature Rewards card constitutes acceptance of these rules. 

Rewards Points Collection

1. A member must present the member's Bruno's Signature Rewards card at point of sale prior to the completion of the transaction to collect points.
2. Points will be awarded for each whole dollar spent on eligible items at Bruno's Signature store. Points will be calculated based on the total amount of the final purchase before taxes.
3. The total number of points awarded for each purchase will be indicated on the member's cash register receipt. If points do not appear on a cash register receipt due to a technical or system issue, the Member's account will be updated to reflect the points collected following resolution of the issue.
4. Eligible Rewards points are non-transferable and non-assignable.
5. If a Member's Rewards card is lost, stolen or destroyed, upon presentation of proper identification, a replacement Bruno's Signature Rewards card will be issued to the Member. The points balance previously accumulated by the Member will be transferred to the account associated with the Member's new Rewards card. Bruno's Signature assumes no liability or responsibility for points redeemed with a lost or stolen Rewards card prior to receiving notification of the loss or theft. Any points accumulated with a lost or stolen Rewards card prior to receiving notification of a loss or theft will be credited towards the members new account.
6. You can check your Bruno's Signature Rewards card points balance by 1) referring to the bottom Point section of your last receipt or 2) proceed to the checkout area in store, with purchases and provide your card to the cashier asking him/her to check your balance point amount.

Redeeming Your Points

1. Points may be redeemed for a discount on a store purchase upon presentation of the Member's Bruno's Signature Rewards card.
2. Members are responsible for all taxes.
3. Account balances and Points required to obtain a particular reward are subject to verification by Bruno's Signature.
4. Upon a redemption of points, the Member's points balance will be reduced by the number of points required to obtain a reward level. 
5. An amount of 1200 points may be redeemed for a savings of $10.00 off a Bruno's Signature store purchase or 2000 points may be redeemed for a $20.00 savings. 
6. We may change the minimum redemption amount or redemption increments at any time. On occasion, we may offer you special redemption promotions or for particular products or services, such as an increase in the value of Bruno’s Signature rewards or a lower minimum amount for redemption. These terms and conditions, and any additional terms and conditions that accompany any such offer, would apply to those promotions.
7. Bruno’s Signature rewards points you earn while making a purchase can only be redeemed for a subsequent transaction. Only one redemption will be processed per transaction. You cannot redeem more Bruno’s Signature rewards than the dollar value of your purchase. No cash back will be provided on Bruno’s Signature rewards redemptions. The Bruno’s Signature rewards you redeem are deducted from your Account, in the order that they were earned. Any remaining Bruno’s Signature rewards in your Account can be redeemed later.
8. If you return a purchase, your Account balance may be reduced by the number of Bruno’s Signature rewards earned for that purchase, including any Bonus Points. If a refund or correction is applied to your Account, your Account balance will be adjusted up or down by the number of Bruno’s Signature rewards related to the refund or correction as applicable and your Account balance may become negative. 
9. Bruno's Signature Rewards points are not exchangeable for cash and cannot be sold or purchased. 

General Information

1. If there is a dispute about the number of Bruno’s Signature rewards, redeemed or deducted, our records will be considered accurate unless you contact us within 45 days from the relevant transaction date to report a concern regarding your Account balance. If we do not hear from you within 45 days, it will be deemed that you agree the Bruno’s Signature Rewards points awarded.
2. The number of Bruno’s Signature rewards displayed on your receipt may not reflect your current Bruno’s Signature rewards balance.  We accept no liability for any errors in the Bruno’s Signature rewards balance displayed on the receipt or in your Account. If any Bruno’s Signature rewards are awarded to your Account in error, we reserve the right to deduct the number of Bruno’s Signature rewards awarded in error at any time, and without notice to you. We are not obligated to honor a request to redeem Bruno’s Signature rewards added to an Account in error. 
3. If your Card is lost or stolen, please contact Bruno’s Signature at 905-509-3223 or at  You are responsible for all redemptions on your Account, including any redemption made on your Account before you turn off redemption capabilities on a Card that was lost or stolen.  
4. Bruno's Signature may restrict, suspend or otherwise alter any aspect of the program, and may amend the Rules at any time without notice. The current version of these rules are available on our web site. Members are responsible for keeping informed of any changes to the rules. 


Bruno's Signature respects the privacy of each individual enrolled in our Rewards program. Personal information gathered during the implementation of the Program will be only used by Bruno's Signature. They will not be sold or leased to other companies or agencies. This information is necessary for the Program’s management of members’ accounts, update accounts, process points exchange and grant rewards and Points to the holder of a Bruno's Signature Loyalty Card.

Bruno's Signature does not share, give, rent or sell personal information to any third parties.